How to join your organisation’s page.

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Join via social media!
The simple form!
Create your profile page, it really encourages people to engage & send tosays to you

Join Your Organisation’s page

Accept the invitation via the links sent to you on e mail.
In your account/invitation tab send an invite to your organisation.

That’s It

You are ready start to receiving tosays, each one will be stored in your own personal page. When required print this off to help your career progression.

Why be on Tosay?

It’s a fresh new approach, putting people first, which is why we don’t do un-inspiring ratings, rankings, surveys or data dashboards!

What you will get are meaningful messages of how you made a real difference!


We wanted to make it easy, so that you get recognised by the people you delight; your customers, colleagues and bosses. Recognition for doing a great job is one of the most important aspects for job satisfaction and happiness.

Benefits of tosay to you

Every tosay you receive helps build your professional reputation. These form into a beautiful document that can be printed off and used to enhance your career.

Great news, no longer does all your hard work go to waste, in future you can prove what a real difference you make

Every customer interaction & tosay is a chance for you to enhance your personal record & have a long term benefit for you


We love to send out rewards to people that receive tosays we think they deserve a little more recognition and extra well done from us

Being on tosay

Your profile page

Your profile belongs to you, customise it to reflect your personality.
A great profile encourages people to connect and send should be tosay nothing too personal its just an ice breaker and a bit of fun
We send out rewards for great profiles we love!

How to join and leave

One click on unassign button makes it easy to join and leave an organisation when you want!
When you leave, you retain all your messages for your tosay CV record but they are removed from the organisation you have left.

Being part of the community

When you start to receive tosays you’ll soon realise what a wonderful feeling it is to be encouraged & recognised.
We hope that this inspires you to send tosays to colleagues and people who you feel deserve it


Only your first name appears on the site and no personal details can be viewed by the public.

Every message is moderated before it comes to you to ensure it meets our guidelines

Can you reply?

We encourage organisations to enable you to reply to any message you get.

Help us

Help us to make the world a bit more positive by encouraging your organisation to join tosay.

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