I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel! Maya Angelou

The problem we aim to solve!

Customers really like to connect with you, when a team member has done a great job or gone the extra mile to provide great service!

The trouble is, every organisation has a different system; customers might have to phone head office, send an e mail, fill a form in store, complete a survey on line or even write a letter.

It takes a time, effort and it’s a hassle- which is why it rarely gets done, people just don't have the time in this fast paced world.

You have to capture people at the very moment of inspiration if you want to hear from them!

Make it really easy and people will be inspired to do so!

So that’s just what we have done !

Welcome to tosay, the world`s first universal platform, that enables customers to send a positive only messages to anybody, in any organisation, anywhere in the world-instantly for free!

tosay will make a tangible difference to your team!

Finally, something that really works to motivate your team!

Employees receive positive messages from customers on their own personal page which forms a beautifully presented printable document to be used when they are considering job progession.

tosay lets your staff know they are valued, increases their job satisfaction and productivity.

A real incentive to go that extra mile, now every customer is a real opportunity to build their own professional reputation, tosay will make a tangible difference to your team.

Organisation Sign Up

Tosay is free to charities, not for profit and Government organisations.

Sign Up

Nothing to download or install, complete the sign up form, when approved add your profile, departments, products, events & locations as required.

Invite your team

Select your plan from the options. With just a few clicks invite your team to join your page, automatically placing them in the correct location & department

That’s It!

You & your team can now start to receiving tosay messages straight away. Amplify these via your web & social media

How customers send your team tosays!

Search for your organisation

Login to tosay.
Search for your organisation
Our geo location helps make this easy.

Select the department

Scroll though to find the department & the person from their name or profile picture.

Send a tosay

Type and send a tosay about a person, product or event.


Each message is moderated by you or tosay for negativity, personal contact details or anything that might offend. You have full control on every message.

Post the message

When you are happy with the message, simply one click to post it live to your tosay page your, team members page, as well as your social media & website page with our APIS.


Your choice to reply, customers love to receive a personal message from a team member or management which helps to build great brand & customer connectivity.


Adding team profile’s

Your team members build their own tosay page, simply invite them via the system to join you with a few clicks, confirming location, department and job title.


Employees cannot be contacted directly and no surnames are shown on the site

Geo Located

Customers can find you quickly if they are close by, This has the added benefit of attracting people to view your page as they scroll through the system, bringing you potential new customers.

What happens to the messages

When someone leaves, their messages are removed from your site, customers then get a true reflection of your organisation.


Easily add, remove or move team members with a few clicks.

A new approach

We offer an exciting new way to promote your business from a unique and genuine perspective. Your people possibly your greatest asset, what they achieve on tosay will truly differentiate you from your competitors.

Your profile


You have full control on every message, so no more frustrating, damaging, false or malicious messages which you can do nothing about!

Promotional tool

Struggling for real social media content? It effect's your business if not kept up to date.tosays one click process will solve this problem.


Gain invaluable insights into your products and events. Really understand what it is your consumers love about what it is you are doing.

Consumer, team & business demand

In our research, people have shown an overwhelming desire to want to connect via a real, honest platform that benefits all parties, not just the business

Tosay for your organisation

The world’s first universal platform that enables connected customers to send positive messages to anybody, in any organisation, anywhere in the world- instantly and hassle free.

Beautifully simple. Free for customers to use, tosay messages will inspire and motivate your team, whilst empowering and engaging the customer.

tosay works on personal engagement and real human interaction, developing personalised connectivity to enhance the customer experience.

Profiles give team members an individual presence enabling two-way connection with the customer. This makes even the biggest corporate organisation more personable and approachable.

So now when a customer wants to tell you when a team member has done a great job- they can.

We guarantee, your your team are delighting your customers more than you currently understand.

tosay makes it simple, so you can


All tosay messages you receive will be spontaneous-capturing people at the point of inspiration.

What you & your team receive are genuine, meaningful messages, telling you how they made the customer feel!

Products & Events!

Gain valuable insights on what your customers really love about your events or products.

These messages & photos can help raise awareness & inspire the next customer to purchase through the sharing culture.


Great team collaboration can make the difference between a good and great organisation.Encouraging your you team to send a tosay enables your whole team or organisation to recognise & celebrate each other’s efforts, building amazing team spirit. Currently most appreciative messages go unnoticed in organisations, simply sitting in an email somewhere, unrecognised and uncelebrated.

Private messages!

You can choose to offer your customers the option to send private messages, useful for organisations where a little privacy might be required e.g. legal, religious medical or banking. Private messages are moderated & cannot be posted to web sites or live to tosay.

Inspire and Encourage

One of the most powerful and inspirational tools to building great staff engagement is recognition. Done well, this can truly transform individuals and teams. Done badly or in many cases not at all, it leads to disengagement. Inevitably, disengaged teams rarely deliver exceptional or memorable service levels.

Many organisations are too busy to really understand who is delighting both the internal and external customer. The who, where, what, and when takes constant effort and is very time consuming, few have the time to do it well !

tosay enables any organisation to instantly recognise the great work going on, instantly and effortlessly and all in one place!

Now you will have everything you need to recognise motivate and inspire your teams!


Pay is important, however recognition is becoming increasingly vital to attracting and motivating team members. Each tosay offers a real opportunity to recognise and celebrate individual and team achievements.

tosay will help to develop the view that every customer connection is an opportunity.

Job satisfaction & happiness

tosay is not about pitting people against each other to see who is the best.

We don’t do team, region or country dashboards. If we did, all everybody would focus on is the numbers.

Having a team that actually want to be on tosay is the goal, as it has a direct benefit to them and their career and job happiness. That’s why we don’t do ratings, rankings, thumbs up and down, league tables etc etc.

We want tosay to inspire and motivate through recognition of people’s individual achievements. It's about, the quality of the message and how it made the customer feel that are important and truly impact your organisation and your staff's happiness.

Operational benefits

Organisations should view joining tosay as investment in their staff's future, with a truly amazing ROI.

Recognition & job satisfaction will help engagement & retention of key staff.

Retention of staff will reduce cost of recruitment.

Retained knowledge from high staff retention helps to deliver greater service levels.

Greater service levels improve the customer experience.

Great customer experience, builds brands that consumers trust and love.

There is a lot of market data and figures attached with the above outcomes, however, as we said before, we don't really do numbers. Our positive messages change the numbers that are important to you, your team & your organisation!

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