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Why tosay

Think back to the last time somebody gave you amazing service, went over and above the call of duty to look after you or made your day.!

You want to tell them & their organisation just how good they were, to encourage them to keep doing what ever it is you love!!

Here’s the hassle - do you phone customer services, e mail, fill out a form, write a letter? Will the person receive your thanks? Will you get a response? Every organisation does things differently!

It takes time, its confusing and is a lot of hassle! - it needs to be super quick & easy- then we will all be encouraged do it more!

So that's what we have done, with tosay you can send a message, hassle free, directly to the person from your phone, computer or tablet, instantly!

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Why get involved

tosay is about giving something back, making someones day & that’s just what your message will do- make someones day!!

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Takes just a few clicks to sign up and even less time to send a tosay!

tosay reward

Every tosay you send could win you a reward It’s our way tosay thank you for taking the time, making the world a little bit more positive.


Each message is moderated for negativity, personal contact details or anything that might offend.


Every tosay you send will show appreciation & inspire people to go the extra mile, encouraging people & improving service we all love!

Real messages

Every tosay goes to the person. You can view this on their page & know they received it. You might even get a message back tosay thanks!

We don’t do!

Rankings, ratings, thumbs up & down, negativity, or anything else uninspiring or impersonal. All we do (or rather you do) is real meaningful messages.

Private Messages

You can send a private message. They are always moderated & seen by management, but do not appear on tosay or any website.



tosays can be sent to people or about products or events.


No message can ever be sent direct to the person it is intended for. We only show first names on the system.


Every message is moderated for negativity, contact details or anything that might offend.

Geo Located

Geo location helps you find who you are looking for really easy when they are close by!

Works on any device

Send tosays for free from your mobile, tablet or computer.

Messaging non members

It is possible to message someone whose organisation is not yet part of tosay. We love these as it spreads the tosay community!

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