Frequently Asked Questions

Your details will always be kept private from everybody!!

Yes you can - we want to make tosay available to all!

On the website home page, scroll to the bottom, type your tosay, add the person’s name, organisation, location and anything useful such as e-mail if you can.

We will then do the rest to get your message to them, via the tosay moderation system.

Yes, but joining only takes a few minutes. Like most community sites we have tried to make it as easy as possible. Join us and see the benefits of this unique community.  Here to make the world more positive and making it easy for people to be generous enough to take the time to send a message.

If the person leaves your organisation all their messages go with them.

No message is ever sent direct to the staff member it is intended for.

All messages go through moderation by the organisation.

This way you can make sure every message meets the tosay guidelines and all negative, rude and solicitous messages.


As soon as managers have done the necessary moderation processes.  Following this process messages will be forwarded on to individuals/teams.

After quickly signing up you should be able to send a message almost as quickly as you send a text message.

Go to our website at and log in.

If you are still nearby the business, geo location will ensure it appears on your screen. Otherwise you can search by location or name of company.

Select the company, department and person
Type your message and send!

All done! You have just made someone's day!

Send as many messages as you want! Provided they are positive and encourage the world to be more positive that's fine by us. In fact more than fine by us!

The whole ethos of tosay is about giving, about taking the time to make someone's day with a message.

However, we like to give to you too!  So, from time to time we send out little gifts as a reward just for being you and helping make the world a better place!

You might get goodies for the quality of the message you sent.
You might be the first person to send an organisation a message or send to one which is not on tosay.
You might even open up new frontiers - countries - regions etc!
It might be that we decide to send everybody who sent a message on Friday a little something!
You never know when you may receive one, just to cheer up your day!

If you are a business and you’d like to support the community by supplying some goodies for rewards, please do get in touch.

All messages are removed from that organisation's tosay page but  they will remian if any have been forwarded to any thrid party site such as social media. This ensures that when you look at an organisation's page it is up to date and gives a true reflection at that current time.



You will get notification your message has been successfully sent and you might even get a message from the recipient to say thank you!

Imagine finding out that your message helped them become employee of the month or gain a promotion - now that's got to be a great feeling!

And that's what this is all about!  It is never about likes, ticks, rate me now etc, it is about people - real people connecting in a positive way to make the world a better place!

No its free to individuals and always will be!
We even offer the entire service free to any not for profit organisations (charities), government bodies, NHS, police etc.

We want as many people as possible to benefit from tosay!

We will never sell or otherwise pass on your details to other companies.

No, there is no direct contact.

Every message is moderated by the organisation before reaching the team, to filter out negative messages and any unwanted solicitation.  Messages can then be passed on to team members.


You can easily link your organisation's page to your social media and website.
We also offer a range of simple to install APIs which will link your tosay page to your website.

You have the option for your team member to respond - customers love to see the impact of their tosay when they hear directly from the person they sent the message to and this will encourage them to send further tosays!

Alternatively, you can elect for your organisation or manager to respond - select this option on your settings page.




No message ever gets sent direct to the person, they all go through a moderation process to protect your staff, prior to being sent on to the person.

So your message might not go live instantly, though it should happen fairly quickly.

All your team's profiles are set up and owned by them. You invite them through the system to join your page,
via email or text. When they agree to join your page their profile will appear on your organisation's page.

You can add an unlimited number of departments with as many people as you need in each department.

An unlimited number of managers can have control over their own department's tosay content.

All messages are moderated for inappropriate content by the organisation.

Self-moderation by your organisation, before messages are passed on to individuals/teams. It is easy to block messages and people, or report back to the tosay team and we will take action.







Staff will be notified via e-mail or text when they have a tosay awaiting moderation and again when it has been sent to their account.


Let people know how you are doing! tosay benefits staff and customers alike - show how you do too!

Stand out from the crowd, show you value your staff and listen to customers, be proud of who you are and what you achieve!!

Customers respond to great service and staff who feel cared for.

Staff are attracted to environments where they will be valued - attract the staff you want and need.

Send a message by scrolling down to the form on the front page of the website. We will then deliver the message for you (please allow a little time for us to contact the organisation).

As a thank you for introducing a new company you can expect a tosay reward!

Help spread the tosay word!

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